Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number

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Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number
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EU regulations stipulate the assigning of a unique community ID number to be used by economic operators abroad.

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The Member States chose to introduce a system geared towards ensuring an equivalent level of protection for all goods brought into or out of the EU’s customs territory. This is the aim of the Safety and Security Amendment to the Community Customs Code which, by amending the Code and its Implementing Provisions, set up a Community database to identify each economic operator having relations with EU customs authorities, or carrying on operations covered by customs legislation, by means of a unique number.

Overview of the EORI number

Commission Regulation (EC) No 312/2009 of 16 April 2009 provided for the assigning of a unique Community ID number, EORI number, to be used as from 1 July 2009 by economic operators bound to accomplish customs procedures.

Conditions for assigning the EORI number

The EORI number assigned to your business uses the SIRET number based on the following format: FR + SIRET.

Obtaining an EORI number

  • If you use a local clearance procedure, please contact the customs office that manages your accreditation.
  • If you do not use a clearance procedure, please contact the regional customs information centers(PAE) of the Regional Customs Directorate to which you report. For example, if your business is based in Lille, contact the PAE of the Lille Regional Directorate.

Contact details of customs offices and the PAEs.


Using your EORI number

The EORI number introduced by Commission Regulation (EC) No 312/2009 is used to identify economic operators and other persons in their relations with the customs authorities.
In France, this number is principally used for online procedures (electronic declarations) concerning the clearance of goods, including:

  • Delta (G1, X), which enables clearance of imports and exports
  • NSTI, which enables goods to be placed under a transit procedure
  • The ICS, for enabling safety and security procedures to be carried out prior to import
  • The ECS, for certifying goods exiting the EU to obtain exemptions from export VAT. The ECS also enables export safety and security procedures to be carried out.

Registration procedure

Filing a registration application

EORI registration is mandatory prior to carrying out any customs transaction in a Member State. Economic operators that have never accomplished customs procedures must file an EORI number application by filling out a special registration form (Cerfa no. 13930).

The various categories of operators must be differentiated

  • Economic operators based in France: economic operators which have an establishment in France (and therefore a SIRET number) and which clear goods in France or in another Member State must be registered in France.
  • Economic operators based in another Member State: all economic operators must register in the country where they are based and there is no EORI registration in France.
  • Economic operators based in a non-EU country: in the event of clearance in France, these operators should contact Bureau E3 (Customs Clearance Policy) of the Directorate General of Customs and Excise by email to

    An operator may only be registered in France if it is not already registered in another Member State.
  • Individuals : individuals who do not carry on a business activity connected with customs legislation do not require an EORI number and will be identified by the word “OCCASIONAL”.


The French EORI number

  • Operators based in France: FR + SIRET number.
  • Operators based in another Member State: the EORI number follows the format set out in the effective regulations in the country where the company is based.
  • Non-EU operators, provided they have not been previously registered: FR + two-letter ISO country code of the country where the non-EU company is based + customs number (this number is assigned by the customs department when registering).

If you are not sure you are registered, you can verify the validity of your EORI number at

Processing registration applications

The PAEs with jurisdiction for the location of the company’s registered office (within the meaning of establishment) assign EORI numbers for French companies.

To register, simply contact the PAE which will send you form Cerfa no. 13930. Just fill in the form, date, sign and scan it, and send it back to the relevant PAE that will complete your registration.

NB: Due to the information processing timelines at Community level, all EORI numbers are active 24 hours after having been issued.


Contact us

Contact details of the various Regional Directorates of Customs and Excise from which operators can obtain further information, and their EORI numbers, are available online:


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