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  • Citizens and travellers, get prepared to Brexit!

Citizens and travellers, get prepared to Brexit!

Travellers, in the event of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union without a deal, the re-establishment of a border between France and the UK will cause changes.


What does change for you as a citizen ?

Tax-free scheme

If you have your usual residence in the United Kingdom, the value added tax (VAT) may be deducted from the price of the goods you purchase in the European Union. Find out more by visiting our website: "Eligibility for VAT refunds".

Tax-free sales counters and duty-free

British travellers, when departing from France to the United Kingdom, will be able to make purchases in concessions (tax-free shops or "duty free") located on ships, airplanes or in airports and ports. The value and quantities of goods sold will not be limited per person and per trip (however, check beforehands the duty-free allowance allowed by the customs of your country of destination).


Returning from the United Kingdom, duty and tax exemptions in quantity and value will be applicable in France depending on the type of goods you are carrying with you. Should you exceed the thresholds in value or in quantities (430 euros in value for air and maritime transport or 300 euros in value for others means of transportation and 150 euros in value for travellers under 15 regardless of means of transportation), you will need to declare the goods that you carry with you, and pay the corresponding duties and taxes.